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Advertising Agency of MEDIA RIVER is a leader in the world of internet-advertisement. Our specialization is planning and realization of different advertisement campaigns in Network, and also placing of high-quality advertisement on our portals. Successfully working at this market from 2004, we accumulated enormous experience and conducted hundreds of advertisement companies, studied the nuances of work of our competitors and we hear the always first about all innovations and changes, related to the advertisement in the Internet. Also we studied psychology and features of behavior of people in the World network, their reaction on one or another type of advertisement, therefore we can declare proudly, that we know how to attract attention visitors to Your product, company or service, assisting development and expansion of possibilities of Your business. Long-term experience, high level of professionalism of our specialists, innodividual going near every client, quality and operation ability of implementation of works, gives an opportunity to attain any aims, interesting our clients to us - from the increase of volumes of sales to branding in the Internet. We avouch for you transparency of all our actions in the process of the Your ordering fulfillment, checking of job performances feature on each of her stages, 100% effectiveness, and also flexible price politics - for the permanent clients of discount.

Speaking about high quality, transparency and professionalism of work of Advertising Agency MEDIA RIVER, we are not unfounded. The high level of professionalism of company in area of advertisement is confirmed:
1. Status of the Certificated agency of Yandex. Direct, that talks about high quality of advertisement campaigns of Agency MEDIA RIVER in Yandex, and also about professionalism. In addition, Status confirms that MEDIA RIVER dynamically develops and constantly grows a client base.
2. MEDIA RIVER is the certificated partner Google AdWords, and it means that Advertising Agency of MEDIA RIVER wholly conforms to the requirements of Google on organization of advertisement campaigns in this system.
3. Testifying to accreditation of MEDIA RIVER confirms a company "Begun" (Rambler), that a company MEDIA RIVER blamelessly owns the advertisement system "Begun" and renders services in accordance with the standards of company.
4. Certificate of company of "1С-Bitrix", in accordance with that Agency of MEDIA RIVER is its business-partner, has in the state of the certificated programmers and can on her platform develop the internet-projects of any complication.
5. Testifying to partnership of MEDIA RIVER with LTD. "Amiro" in area of realization of products of Amiro and developments on their basis of web-sites.

These certificates are very important for companies engaging in an internet-advertisement and are main confirmation of her high level in this sphere.

High professionalism of Advertising Agency MEDIA RIVER was estimated also by our clients among that counted :
It is TV Center - one of leading broadcasting companies of Russia, on-the-air on June, 9, 1997.
- NB Bank is the largest, dynamically developing Independent Building Bank, working from 1994, giving services to the population, companies of building industry and enterprises of the real sector of economy.
- Sofas and Arm-chairs are a retail operator of the upholstered and cabinet-type furniture with 10-years-old experience of work.
- Centro are shops of the best and fashionable shoe for those, who always wants to be stylish and extraordinary.
- OAS "Gasprombank" is the largest financial institute of Russian Federation, giving the wide spectrum of financial, bank, investment services and products to the private and corporate clients, financial institutes, private and institutional investors.
it is "НК Finance", "Light Windows", "Discount Optician", Furniture company EMETS, and many other companies, cafe and online shops.

If you want, that about you knew the Internet, to go out on the new level of business, promote business profitability - welcome to us. A collaboration with Advertising Agency of MEDIA RIVER is a guarantee of Your success.
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